Roberto Lazarte

Roberto Lazarte is a filmmaker born in Lima, Perú in 1985. He grew up living in different countries and has an international background with a strong Latino influence. Roberto received his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema at San Francisco State University. While at SFSU, he experimented with various media and cinematic languages; from stop motion animation to cinéma vérité. This eventually led him to film production and found directing to be the process he had been searching for. Roberto is also fascinated with the reproduction of light and physical movement and enjoys working as camera operator and cinematographer for digital and film.

Currently Roberto manages Imaginary Film Co, a production company based in Los Angeles that produces documentaries, music videos, commercials and narratives. He also works as a full-time editor for Empire Studios in Burbank.

Services: Directing, Camera Operator and Editor
Contact: Rob.Lazarte (@)