GREEN EYED MEDIA is a production company founded in 2004 that provides music, film, photography, graphic design, and educational services. Through arts education, media production and commerce, it’s mission is to promote Latino, African-American, Indigenous, and other marginalized voices, in the global entertainment community.  Although it does not exclusively support these groups of people, the organization is dedicated to public health, environmental justice, and cultural equity.

This collective was first established by Rafael Flores and Cameron Austin in Seattle, Washington.  Since then, the collective has expanded down the West Coast to San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. This website serves as a forum and selling space for independent artists in the collective that wish to promote their talents or sell their art directly to the public. GREEN EYED MEDIA also provides a wide array of freelance services for private companies or public institutions.

If you wish to contract our talent or unique services please click the “Contact” tab on our website or email us directly at GreenEyedMediaINC@gmail.com.