A Mi Matria

A Mi Matria - Official Trailer from Green Eyed Media on Vimeo.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Release Date:  2017
Writer, Director & Editor: Rafael Flores
Director of Photography: Stefan Ruenzel

An experimental political essay about a Chicano filmmaker escorting his Mexican grandmother from Tijuana to Newport Beach, California; the place she was intimidated into leaving over 85 years ago during the U.S. sponsored effort: OPERATION WETBACK.  Through this emotional journey the grandson learns about his grandmother’s struggle to validate the memories of a history that is being erased, and that his homeland is not Mexico… it’s California.

Feat. Rigoberto Gonzalez and Juan Felipe Herrera, United States Poet Laureate

  • Official Selection - 2017 Cannes International film Festival (France)
  • Latino Culture & Heritage Award - 2020 Official Latino Film Festival
  • Award of Recognition – 2017 Hollywood Independent International Film Awards
  • Official Selection - 2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival