Cameron Austin

Cameron Austin is a music producer/engineer from Seattle, Washington with over 8 years of experience in the music field. Mr. Austin is also the co-founder and Director of the Sound & Music division of Green Eyed Media. For many years, he regularly collaborated with Rafael Flores on several Hip-Hop albums prior to co-founding the organization in 2007. Since then, Mr. Austin has produced the soundtrack for several Green Eyed Media projects that include, “The Blank Canvas”, “23rd & Union”, “Jale” and “The Scraper Bike King”.

The music and sound design Mr. Austin has produced for Green Eyed Media has been featured in over 12 nations across the globe, and significantly contributed to the success of the organization. Austin studied music theory and audio engineering at Shoreline Community College. He is influenced by many forms of music that include, Blues, Soul, R&B, Rap, Rock, Electronica and Lounge to name a few. Another strong passion Mr. Austin has is recording Rock and Hip-Hop bands in his private studio in Kenmore, Washington.  Since 2010, Mr. Austin has established second independent music company, Night Owl Productions.

Services: Music Production, Recording, Mixing and Sound Design
Contact: CAustin84 (@)