Luis Montoya

LuisLuis Montoya is a freelance  filmmaker and music composer of Mexican descent. He is a first-­generation American citizen, born and raised by immigrant parents in East Oakland, CA.  Mr. Montoya's productions span various genres and skills including: music videos, video journalism, motion graphics, filmmaking, editing, and music production. His unique style and artistic sensibilities have been inspired by artists like Hans Zimmer, Freddie Wong, Jessie Terrero and Christopher Nolan.

Mr. Montoya's has been creating videos since 2011 and composing music since 2008.  He has recorded music for clients that include: Big Rich, Liz Stefano, San Quinn, and has also filmed music videos for artists like: Stevie Joe, Milli­Ali, O­Zone, One Be Lo, Zumbi from Zion­I, and Tableek.  Mr. Montoya is also the co-­founder of Simphony Productions, a production company based in Oakland, California.


Services: Cinematography, Music Production and Producing