Stefan Ruenzel

Stefan Ruenzel is an award-winning filmmaker from Oakland, California whose work spans across narrative, documentary, and experimental realms. Crossing boundaries is important for him personally, as it is within the ideas he portrays on film. A boundless curiosity in people and fascination in the way diverse forms of life interact with the world are the impetus behind his sociological studies… and with a background in photography and music, film became his modern-day think tank ten years ago. Since, he’s worked as DP and editor on a nationally syndicated travel show on PBS, and currently works as a freelance producer and cinematographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Grasping to understand a story in order to tell it, serendipity is always welcomed with an open lens. And though a perfectionist on set, direction is not to order, but to collaborate and lead the way in a visual style that’s probably only perfect for one particular project.

In the end, our job is to compel an audience to think, and hopefully to react.

Services: Director of Photography and Editor
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