The Scraper Bike King

Tyrone Stevenson Jr. is better known as Bay-be Champ or The Scraper Bike King. In 2007, Champ and the rap group, The Trunk Boiz, recorded a you-tube music video based around the concept that received over 3 million hits across the globe. The legacy of the Scraper Bike theme song catapulted Champ into stardom and his organization has been growing ever since. The music video spawned a global sensation and new movement in the national Hip-Hop community. His invention, Scraper Bikes, is a unique form of artistic expression that draws inspiration from the Scraper Car Culture in the Bay Area. His bikes have been featured in countless events such as, The Maker Faire, Grind For The Green and The International Bicycle Film Festival. Along with countless interviews with NPR, The Christian Science Monitor and Current TV; The Scraper Bike Movement has received much positive feedback from diverse communities all around the world.

Champ has organized countless community events since 2007 in order to bring attention to his grassroots movement that trains young people to work on bikes in order distract them from negative influences in the inner city. Champ is regularly invited as a motivational speaker all
around the world who reaches out to young people and community organizations in order to inspire them to incorporate Hip-Hop into the larger Green Movement. East Oakland is the birth place of the Scraper Bike Movement and the headquarters for Scraper Bikes International.

Bay-be Champ was recently the main subject of Green Eyed Media’s critically acclaimed and award winning short, “The Scraper Bike King”. Click on the “Films” tab on this website to view the trailer and click on the “Store” tab to purchase copies of the DVD and support his movement.

Services: Non-Profit Organizing, Song Writing, Music Production and Bicycle Mechanics.
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